Friday, 3 September 2010

Adding Speed Browsing

Speed up browsing the internet on computers is a very in longing for all the netters who have Internet access speed or bandwidth that barely fit a small or practically, in many ways be done either using software or any other, now there are few tips that might be useful that I found when browsing and proved quite helpful,
This trick is a comment from a visitor a good look at both the block and try to apply them
Friends do not ever feel the time again diwarnet, although empty of visitors but still slow for browsing, downloading is also very slow, because each room is in limiting the bitrate and bandwidth ... well now there is a trick to overcome this problem

First of all download and install the latest version of FireFox software now which have had a lot of performance improvements and please try the following trick to get it tweaked and optimized to its
1). Open Mozilla Firefox ...
2). In the Address Bar type: ABOUT: CONFIG
3). Search string below: (make sure all the strings under the "TRUE"

example to instead:
NETWORK.HTTP.PIPELINING.MAXREQUESTS 64 more is better but only max 100
Network.http.proxy.pipelining TRUE
6). Then REFRESH or F5
7). In the Address Bar type: ABOUT: BLANK
. Click Menu:
For OS Linux (Vector) EDIT>> PREFERENCES
For different settings on several OS EDIT>> ADVANCED
9). In Option:
10). Then Press OK Then REFRESH (F5)
11). Go to this link: https: / / / extensions / moreinfo.php? Id = 125 & applicationfiltered = firefox
12). Download Software SwitchProxy Tool Version 1.3.4
13). After the Finish Do not Press the Button UPDATE
14). Click the sign of X (cap) What's In the Upper Right Corner Of POP UP Window Appears
15). Close All Browsers Mozilla FireFox,
16). Then Open Again To Switch Software SwitchProxy Tool Version 1.3.4 What's the last Install
17). Kalo Installation Success, Will Appear Under additional Toolbar Toolbar Navigation & Address Bar.
18). Mozilla Browser Now Ready To Use ... ....
:: NOTE:: - Software SwitchProxy Tool Version 1.3.4 This is in addition to Proxy Automatically Changing the Mozilla FireFox browser, it also Engine Impact of Internet Connection Speed
- How It's Very Effective When Used On Solid Online Warnet for Sucking Bandwidth (Majority speed Internet access) Go to Who's Your Computer Use
- Significant Changes That Occurred In an Internet connection with "Broadband / VSAT"
- Google Web accelator, mnrt ak kok LBH stable SIIP & dr onspeed yes. Because often ak pake gprs counter measure, its graphics speed LBH mantaff onspeed dr. Also FREE
- OpenDNS. Register to, free also .. so setting DNS TCP / IP.
- Increase PC bandith until 20%. Microsoft used the 20% reserve of bandwidth to update and report the condition of computer etc.
This way to disable this function: Click Start-> Run-> type gpedit.msc -> OK Next to -> Local Computer Policy-> Computer Configuration-> Administrative Templates-> Network-> QOS Packet Scheduler-> Limit Reservable Bandwidth - > 2x click Limit Reservable Bandwidth written There is not configured but the fact (read below explain) "By default, the Packet Scheduler limits the system to 20 percent of the bandwidth of a connection, but you cans use this setting to override the default." so the trick is to select enabled then set to 0. So the system does not have a reserve as a default condition to 20%
If you want more brutale again add the addon FastererFox + cFosSpeed useful to compress the incoming data via a dialup connection.
Enjoy the greatness speed of your dial up connection
This trick I have tried and proven to increase the speed of our internet

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