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Still Virgin Candidates Your mate, It's How to Distinguish Virgin Girl

do you think beautiful women on virgin or not virgin?
know? (If you do not have anymore)
distinguish this way:
How to distinguish them are:

basin in the lower neck that signifies lack perawanan a woman,

The girl who was a virgin, his forehead smooth. When intercourse slippery always missing, just that arise twitch (garis2) who sometimes seems sometimes when chatting. Twitch because it was not holy, not the same as facial twitching with age. Holy twitch that has been lost, not so ketara and not so visible, except when it face certain reacted like he was laughing and talking, while twitching because with age is always visible and lasting.

The girl who was a virgin or her body has not been touched by man, the tip of his nose reddish color, when touched the tip of his nose looks red. The girl who is not pure red but the red tip of his nose was pale, red color sometimes does not appear, which looks just pale, do not believe try to see the girl's nose tip, merahkan ..?

where it comes from love, from the eyes down to the heart ... We use our eyes to look and see someone, cantikkah, bugarkah, luweskah, etc.. Sometimes we see a beautiful woman on the outside only, but the inside is up, to know she was still a virgin or not try to peek at her eyes. When the bottom of the folded petals and there is little sign of bruising (bruise marks) means that the girl was not a virgin anymore, maybe already married. bruises that show no such visible garis2 virgin black under the eyelids black disamp ng ى under eyelids look a little wrinkled (twitch). The girl who was a virgin eyes berseri2, no black color, bruising or garis2.

Ridge girls change through 2 processes:
1. Ridge girls become big because of the hormone.
2. Ridge became a big girl because men - men.
Backs who have reached the touch of man will be great, lebih2 have intercourse. Ridge girl who was a virgin even though she still looks pretty fat, because it was still thick and tense and not lethargic and fell. Just look at her waist, still slim that her waist and back is not great, not plump and chewy on the back. If running back does not waver because the meat is still solid and not soft when held, it means she still virgin. For those who had sexual intercourse, her back was contained and large but not thick, appears to fall back, lebih2 when he walks, rocking is not rebound.

Ear including one senses that can be used to determine whether the girl was a virgin or not. In the land of china as a psychic to find out ear disease in a person's body. The girl who is never touched by laki2, ears and looks pretty clean, if the girl had been bitten disetubuhi or ears or be kissed and touched, in automatic form the girl's ear will become more shallow and no longer a little reddish and becomes pale.
For the girl who was a virgin but never got the touch man, pale is not obvious.

The role of the breast is a lot, not just lust seduce men, but the breasts as evidence that she ever touched or not. Boobs girls who have never got a touch, always tense. But if you've got the touch, the breast tension is reduced and slightly enlarged from the original size, more often touched, the more slack.
Note the girl when walking or running, and waving bergerak2 fall (down) and once berbuai mean tension is gone. If you have not got a touch, although berbuai breasts while running but not too melambai2 crib mean tension is still there.
Putting breasts that never got a touch to be a long and terjojol (out) a little from its hiding place. Breasts that always got squeezed will be larger, and do not accuse her big breasts mean fruitful often squeezed his chest.
Therefore, large breasts get squeezed and the large natural because it is different. Breasts squeezed into a big hit but not tense. While large breasts natural karna always tense and when walking was not swayed, if the taxable remas-buai sway swayed like an elephant ear, berbuai left, right, up, down sometimes melambung2 when the girl was walking or running.

Thick-skinned girl and the rough, look at his hands, if the crack (peca veins, which urat2 mrupai crack), not because it may be caused not stand washing materials that contain chemical, means the girl has lost her virginity. The girl who was a virgin, his palms smooth and slippery. If virginity was gone, his palms when the press warnannya not pale red, if in direct pecet menanjal behind.
One way again, look at your right hand, if there is a line putus2 the middle means virginity has been lost, if not terputus2 means there's hope yet lost her virginity. after seeing the palm of the right hand, his thumb trying gemgam moment kira2 one minute, if when megemgam feel warm and red thumbs when it is released, there is hope still a virgin.
Note also his thumb, if at all, although there appeared pale warmth means likely virginity already flying.
Try to hold the little finger, kira2 one minute, then remove, ask how it feels when it is held tightly and released? If he answered no sense, apologize banyak2, chances are he was not a virgin anymore. But if he said there is a sense of excitement, his heart berdebar2 or no pain like berdenyut2. Praise Gratitude still seems to be a virgin.

With jari2lah men who hold and seductive women, as well as women jari2, jari2 is the most fundamental area to find a virgin girl or not. The way is easy, first shook hands, shake hands during remas2lah hand, if not a couple laki2 may hold the hand of a girl, it shows little virgin section hands were tainted. When the girl's hands and jari2 in remas2 may mean opportunities to hold another tempat2 wide open. Try jari2 girl in belai2 and in remas2 gently, how the girl's feelings?
The touch of man dijarinya indeed bring a taste of its own ni'mat and lust. The touch of hand magic touch, out by hands will spread to other zona2.
The touch of hands was sahdu, if not believe how happy try to walk while holding hands. If you want to know the girl was accustomed to the touch or not, Try to reach out and shake hands with him, for shaking hands Hold her hand gently and try to touch her little finger. When touching the little finger behold the face of the girl, whether she appeared agitated and restless and terperayuh?, If he was surprised and terperayuh means that it is probable that she was a virgin, if he ever engaging in sex, at least not yet broken blood film.
If the little finger when he touched seemed rilex only, and do not want to talk, it is probable that her virginity was gone.

Proverb said let me break in the abdomen do not burst in your mouth, so says the proverb, but a woman's body is not a proverb. If rupture perawannya, surely burst stomach. When the girl had sexual intercourse, then the stomach will be expanded and become a little bloated.
Therefore, girls who have never sexual intercourse is still a slim waist and her belly was still flat. Why does the stomach become bloated little? At the moment the girl's act of intercourse, of course, the girl reached the peak (orgasm), in time to the peak of the girl could not stand and hold the stomach. Otot2 the abdomen to hold the summit with a very high durability and strength. That's when it expands and stomach after intercourse perutpun bulge.
One more sign of the stomach, if the girl had sexual intercourse, there are long lines from the bottom of the breast to the belly and the navel until kekemaluan. These lines do not occur at all the girls, but if there's a girl to own this line means that he was not a virgin anymore.
There are some girls who had sexual intercourse have only line from the bottom of the navel until kekemaluan.
If the girl is pregnant, the line will be divided into two, look at the pregnant woman's abdomen, there must be a transverse fracture garis2 in his stomach. The girl who was a virgin at large belly is still soft. For those who already had intercourse, the skin of his stomach a little bit rough. There will also become hard to realize because hormon2 and fatty lumps at the bottom of the abdominal wall.

Hair is the crown of women but also play a role determining the girl was a virgin or not. The girl who was a virgin, her hair was neat, fresh look and not rude, while the girl who had lost her virginity, her hair did not look excited.
At the time our ancestors first, there might still be a diamalkan until today. When a girl is about to be married, a wedding decorator didahi first hair cut, bent and on the rear left and right ear. Rambut2 this is by them called virgin hair.
By cutting this rambut2, they know whether the girl was a virgin or not.
You want to prove it try to provide a young coconuts that have been punched and the water is not discarded and enter these haircuts. If it floats on the surface rambut2 coconut water means the girl was a virgin. If all the hair it means drowning the girl was not a virgin. another way, when the wind blew her hair gently and re-inflate his native place. Praise Gratitude virginity seems there is hope still exists.

Believe it or not that girl who had kissed her lips more attractive and beautiful. When his lips met lips, they will make the movement of blood will flow kebibir and forming new lips.
More often kissed, more beautiful lips too. But there are also girls who have beautiful lips mouth never even kissed.
The girl who had never kissed her lips look pink and there is no line inert (swelling) or black around the lips. Lips that never kissed a girl does not look pale and her lips were slippery and wet.
The lips that never got kissed would seem sluggish even if only once, and can alter her lips are too rough lines that beautify lips form such as orange slices.
If the girl is not virgin anymore, the center of her lips look cracked, as if split in two, breakdown is not so clear, but seems that attention really. There are also saying the girl was not a virgin when she laughed her lips look more bigger than the lower lip not to laugh and looked out of the upper lip.
(Although rubbed dry lips (disolek) with lipstick, lips remain dry. How wet her lips to cover any prejudice that he was not a virgin anymore, apply coconut oil on his lips every morning, let it soak in coconut oil for half an hour's lips. Lips look girl oily and not inert. Lips are already inert do not smeared coconut oil.

This course is only known after the marriage. Surface girls who had sexual intercourse, seem inert (bruise), the door unclosed genitalia, a little bit tenuous. If the girl is still virgin, his cock always closed. Actually the lining of blood can be seen directly into her genitals. When the shriveled genitals still means she was still a virgin. If the hole was open a little mean girl is not virgin anymore.
Consider the color of her genitals, pubic door if the surface purple, reddish means she still virgin, but if the red color is faded out to be pale, meaning he was not a virgin anymore lagi.satu, usually when the first night, the man is usually rather difficult to insert his penis into her vagina.
The first time sexual intercourse with a girl who just broke his blood membrane is not satisfactory, because she was not comfortable with the blood that came out on the first night (habitual) and the pain in his cock.
So he will not want to linger. To find out selapaut virgin who broke out, try your eye kosentrasikan kedahi your wife, if she means she furrowed in pain, but if he's faking it, means the opposite.

The neck is also one place that can demonstrate the girl was a virgin or not. When the woman's neck visible twitching, which means she never touched a man. Line kedutnya not like lines because the old twitching, the line of small, shallow and dotted, rather than long lines. If you want to see clearly just wait for the girl's bowed head. Look quickly and carefully.!. when the girl often often carried by men, then the neck there are signs of small black and color dilobang romanya small moist spots.
Occasionally the hole was evident dileher chilling, this also means she often touched. If the girl's long-necked (levels), consider the section of his neck, if there are lines that cross veins means the girl was a virgin. If there are transverse lines, instead of the transverse veins, this means that women are childless (never given birth).

Women who are not virgins anymore his face beaming, her cheeks still a virgin girl who is always exciting and fresh red. If the girl has ever kissed cheeks rosy color will be lost. If it was red cheeks kissed by his father or siblings then no harm to the chastity of the girl .. However cheek kiss a girl who never got still beautiful, but when it's used to be kissed / touched the man, dimples less deep and there is one line on the curve of dimples.
The girl who was a virgin, when the talk around his right cheek and left quickly sweating, and sweat it will come out even though the place is cool. Sweat is probably not nanpak except wipe with a tissue.
Take a look at the edges of a girl's ear. Section there is a child's hair soft and smooth. What if the girl is not virgin anymore, the boy's hair will not fall, but still remain, but become hard and even rude. If the wind blown hair boy looked so rough and side cheeks looked a little bit dark, although the girl sweet black.

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